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Car rental

We recommend renting a car from the rental agency, right at the airport.

You will pay about 100 euros for the journey from the airport to your accommodation back to the airport.

A car costs around 130 Euro for a week, depending on how demanding you are with a car.

At the same time, you can travel around our tips for hiking, golf courses or explore the whole of Gran Canaria.

Our tip for car rental


OK MOBILITY - the cheapest ( we will advise you how to do it ) 
We are using it the most at the moment.

We started with this car rental company, very good.

We have not tried this car rental company, but it is very well known abroad.

We have experience with this car rental company in Austria.


You can find other car rental companies, these are the most well-known. You can even rent a car near the accommodation, but for us it doesn't make sense. The price you pay for a taxi from the airport and back when you leave is equal to the price of the rental for the week. You only pay the price of petrol to go on trips anymore and it is cheaper on the island than at home.

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