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Tips for a trip

Playa de Amadores ( Amadores beach )


It can be found on the left side of Playa de Tauro, from which it can be reached in 2-3 minutes on foot, 3 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from Villa Hugo.

Beautiful large beach with white sand, restaurants and markets right on the beach. Here we recommend to try Restaurante Paraiso Beach, you will find it as the first restaurant between Amadores beach club and the beach ( far right ).

For children there is a fun water park on the sea, Ocean Fun Park,

Playa de Tauro (Tauro beach )


You can see it from our balcony or terrace. A beach suitable for relaxing with bigger waves with yellow sand imported from the Sahara.

They have mixed drinks and food here, you can get a larger selection of excellent food at Guantánamo Restaurante ,( they have excellent steaks here ) or Restaurante Tauro ( we go here for calamari with canary potatoes and typical mojo sauce, for us the best fried calamari around ) which are across the road when you go to this beach.

It's only 1km away from us.

Amadores Beach Club


We recommend it to everyone who wants to be pampered and served right by your lounger. Luxurious surroundings with music, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, jacuzzis and the sea is 50 metres away.

Paid admission.


Playa Anfi del Mar ( Anfi beach )


A beautiful beach also artificially built as Playa de Amadorores beach with white sand near the Anfi hotel resort, but much smaller than Amadores.

Restaurants, bars, beach club shops can be found by the beach.


Puerto de Mogán


A small town with a golden sandy beach, restaurants, shops, a harbour and a historical centre, a windmill.


Puerto Rico


Tourist resort with many shops, restaurants, bars, fitness, activities for children, banks, harbour - with children you must not miss the theme park Angry Birds,

In the night hours very busy place, so we live in Tauro which is 2-3 minutes away by car and here we have undisturbed peace.


Aqualand Maspalomas

Large water park with activities for the whole family

Palmitos Park Zoo

A beautiful zoo where you or your children can swim with dolphins for a fee

Crocodile Park

Botanical garden

Varadero Shopping Centre

The world's fashion boutiques in one place

Pico de Las Nieves - The highest viewpoint in Gran Canaria


If you want to experience the essence of the place and get carried away by the atmosphere, there is nothing better than to climb to the highest point of the island. This Gran Canaria viewpoint is located on the highest mountain of the island, Pico de Las Nieves, in the very centre of the island, at 1,949 metres.

It offers a view over a large part of the island and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with its endless deep ravines and sharp cliffs covered with vegetation and crowned by volcanic peaks of curious shapes.


Sunset over a sea of clouds


It's worth taking a car or bus to the top of Las Nieves for this show. At the car park you will find a semicircle of stones facing west.

It's a simple vantage point with no obstructions to obscure your view of the beautiful sunset. Unlike other places, Las Nieves has the best views even on cloudy days when you can see Tenerife and Gran Canaria as if floating above a sea of clouds.


Theme park: discovering the original life of the Canary Islands


In the south of Gran Canaria, set in the landscape of the Fataga Gorge, right in the Parque Natural de Ayagaures, is the Mundo Aborigen theme park, dedicated to the history and culture of the Canary Islands. Here, visitors will discover what life was like for the archipelago's first inhabitants by recreating scenes of everyday life with hundreds of life-size figures.


Open-air museum in the stunning Gran Canaria area


The imposing appearance of the Fataga Gorge is the perfect setting for this open-air museum, where you will discover the secrets of the indigenous culture while enjoying the wonderful weather and stunning views. Little ones will have fun playing in the open air with the dogs, pigs and goats of Mundo Aborigen, while adults will discover what life was like in the Canary Islands more than 2,000 years ago on an imaginary journey through time.

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